Post-Election Action

I would write down what my reaction to the elections but it would just be an ongoing string of curses. I’ve been involved in various activism efforts over the years and will continue to be. I’ve donated money directly to orgs and individuals fighting racism & other oppressions at the local level. I will continue to do so, and ratchet up my commitments to both. A good re-read for me was “Shock Doctrine” by Naomi Klein. The theory applies to Trump’s win, too. We can’t afford to wait and organize against Steve Bannon and others. Resist paralysis and commit to action.

And for those who claim this election was the result of misogyny against Hillary. I’m sure there was some of that. There couldn’t not be. But this election was more about racism driving Trump’s win than misogyny driving Clinton’s loss. All demographic slices of white voters went for Trump, including women and millennials. This was as much punishment for Obama as it was aimed at Clinton. In fact, it was a clear vote against whatever perceived progress we could claim to have made if we had elected the first woman US president right after electing the first black US president. The US has never been post-racial but this proved it.

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