Gretchen Atwood

Highs and Lows of the Olympics so far

This mostly focuses on the US Olympic Team, fyi…

– US Women’s Gymnastics winning gold
– Katie Ledecky dominating everything and everyone in the freestyle swimming events
– #TongaFlagBearer, apparently
– Opening Ceremonies according to most reviews
– Michael Phelps

– Serena and Venus Williams losing in doubles
– The overt sexist ways many outlets refer to female athletes
— Chicago Trib referring to an Olympian as the wife of a Bears lineman rather than by her name
— ESPN The Mag showcasing a where-are-they-now of 1996 Olympic gymnasts by leading with their marital status as if that is the most important info to know about who they are or what they’ve done
— Numerous condescending references in on-air coverage to female athletes who took a break to have children and mention that becoming a mom didn’t diminish their competitive fire…and why the hell would it?
– The BS criticism of Gabby Douglas for not putting her hand over her heart during the national anthem